Sinova People

Sinova, one of the three operating divisions of SARIA Group, has a unique spirit that drives our team around the world.

Although we are centrally organised, this spirit is at all levels of our organisation in every country and across national borders.

Modern leadership

Providing our customers with first-rate service would be impossible without the contribution of our highly motivated people. We all have a clear goal to achieve, we constantly give purpose to people. Our high-quality services are dependent upon our employees having good qualifications, targeted training and continuous personal development.

High-performance culture

With clearly defined target agreements, we can reliably measure and evaluate the performance we deliver. We also rely on our broad expertise to share best practices all over our factories.


We expect a high level of personal integrity from each and every one of our colleagues. We are honest with our partners: They can trust us. We have a purpose and we will stick to it.