Sinova Petfood

In recent years, the appreciation of pets has continued to grow. Today, pets are beloved family members, companions and close friends. Therefore, it is important for many pet parents to ensure that their pets have a happy life and are in good health. The pet’s nutrition has a significant impact on this. High-quality petfood is more in demand than ever. At Sinova, we produce premium ingredients for the petfood industry. Sustainability as our central contribution to circular bio economy, a consistently high-quality standard and transparent processing methods are an essential part of our business. We produce ingredients for petfood that not only give the customer a positive feeling, but also ensure a healthy life for the pets themselves.

The optimal nutrition of our pets has a crucial impact. Depending on breed, age or condition, there is an optimally tailored diet. Sinova’s ingredients enable precise recipes that have an important influence on health, quality of life and metabolism. In order to offer you the best possible service, you can purchase the petfood ingredients optimally designed according to your needs: frozen, fresh pre-processed, Processed Animal Proteins, Fish Meals, Animal fats, Fish oils or as ready to use formulation. All products can be easily integrated into your formulations and applications. Together, we can make a decisive contribution to the healthy life of pets.

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