Sinova Sustainability

Our planet Earth has limited resources and as a supplier of sustainable ingredients from by-product recovery, we are committed to reducing our footprint as a company.

We conduct our business with this understanding and commitment – always and everywhere. Here are some examples:

In Vitré, France, the SMICTOM’s Révertec heating network received the “eco-network 2020” label, rewarding the network for its performance on three criteria: environmental, economic and social.

The excess heat from the Kervalis industrial process is recovered and distributed to 6 local companies and public institutions via a public distribution network. The recovery of the so-called “fatal” energy from the Kervalis process was made possible by the installation of a system that captures the heat available in the fumes produced during the raw material dehydration process. In total, this represents the equivalent of the consumption of more than 1,000 homes of fossil energy avoided as well as the equivalent of the use of 1,400 cars over a year of avoided CO2 emissions.

At Bioceval in Germany, we use the heat from the production process to heat the water used in our offices, thus reducing the building’s energy consumption by 20 %.

A similar process has been implemented at our Lipromar plant in Germany, where heat recovery saves 3.25 tonnes of steam in a single day.

At Dlugi Borek in Poland, the site is equipped with solar panels that allow the plant to be self-sufficient. Other similar projects exist in other countries.

The avoidance of fossil fuels and the use of sustainably produced energy is a firm principle of our sustainability activities.

In France, some plants rely on the energy recovery of household waste by recovering the energy from its combustion. The heat network then transports the steam to the plants which use this steam to heat the water in their production process.